Tech-Enabled Primary Health Care: Reimagining a client journey-September Monthly Meeting

The September meeting focused on tech-enabled primary health care: reimagining a client journey.


Primary health care (PHC) is a vision for accessible, person-centered, comprehensive, and proactive health care that has evolved over the almost 45 years since its inception. After decades of stagnation, frontier technologies, data science, human-centered design, and private sector engagement are new levers for change to revitalize PHC, bringing personalized care within reach of even those at the last mile and driving the results needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

This session introduced innovative examples of these levers through a series of lightning talks from country leaders, highlighting digital, data and private sector solutions. Participants were invited to imagine two health journeys: a traditional primary health care journey centered around brick ‘n’ mortar health facilities, and a 21st century tech-enabled health journey that is designed to deliver health services as close as possible to where people live and work. Featured countries include Afghanistan, Tanzania, India, and Kenya. They described their experiences with new PHC solutions, including a post-natal info-line, a Community Health Worker app, a telemedicine solution, and an ePharmacy. The talks were followed by a discussion around what it might take to bring this connected journey to life in a single country.


Joanne Peter, Director, Innovation Hub, Jhpiego


  • Ghutai Sadeq Yaqubi, Deputy Technical Director, Jhpiego Afghanistan
  • Arnold Masaro, Digital Health Advisor, Jhpiego Tanzania
  • Anunaya Jain, Digital Health Lead, Jhpiego India
  • Daniel Were, Project Director, Jhpiego Kenya

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