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mhealthevidencehttps://lib.digitalsquare. – mHealth Evidence brings together the world’s literature on mHealth. The collection intends to help program managers, researchers, government leaders, donors, software developers, and other key decision-makers get up to speed on the current state-of-the-art and evidence-based best practices. It includes thousands of bibliographic records of peer-reviewed and gray literature from a variety of income settings.

MAPS toolkit – The mHealth Assessment and Planning for Scale (MAPS) Toolkit from the WHO is a comprehensive guide for self-assessment and planning, designed to improve project capacity in order to pursue strategies that increase scale up potential and achieving long-term sustainability. 

WHO Digital Health Atlas – The Digital Health Atlas is a WHO global technology registry platform aiming to strengthen the value and impact of digital health investments, improve coordination, and facilitate institutionalization and scale

Digital Health Index – The Global Digital Health Index is an interactive digital resource that tracks, monitors, and evaluates the use of digital technology for health across countries.

mHealth Compendium – coming soon!