About the Forum

The Global Digital Health Network hosts the annual Global Digital Health Forum every December in Washington, DC. The Forum features diverse and engaging sessions to connect government stakeholders, digital health developers, researchers, donors, implementers and field experts from across the globe. The Forum features panel presentations, hands-on workshops, poster presentations, TED-style talks, facilitated expert round-table discussions, digital health labs and an interactive “Appy Hour.” Size has ranged from 300-650+ attendees over two to three days, with featured speakers from the WHO, USAID, Facebook, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson, in addition to many well-known public health organizations.

Announcing the 7th Annual Global Digital Health Forum

December 7-9, 2020 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott just outside Washington, DC. The theme for this year’s event is Digital Health – Making it work for everyone. 

Digital health can be the great leveler – it can give anyone access to information about health and disease.  But sometimes, it can unfairly exclude.  How do we give opportunity to the poorest of the poor, people in fragile settings, women, young people, people with disabilities, and people with diverse sexual and gender identities and expressions?  How do we make life easier for overburdened health care workers and caregivers who are caring for the whole child, not just the “ill’ part of the child?  How do we address these issues alongside the realities of pandemics, like COVID-19, and climate change, that are changing our lives on a daily basis?  This year’s Forum will explore all of these issues and more.

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