The Global Digital Health Network

The Global Digital Health Network envisions a world where technical innovation supports improved health and contributes to better quality, accessibility and sustainability of health services and health outcomes, particularly for underserved populations in low resource environments. Formerly known as the mHealth Working Group, the Network was established in 2009 by global health organizations for global health organizations.

The Network has now grown to be a 3900+ person-strong networking forum with members from 117 countries to share information, engage with the broader community, and provide leadership in digital health for global public health. Our events and communications are an avenue to share practical and flexible guidance with each other and the community. We seek to engage with and learn from digital implementers in non-health sectors, so that we may strengthen our respective digital technologies.

The Core Functions of the Global Digital Health Network include:

  • Convening: Host open meetings with presentations by/for members on selected digital health topics, providing a global forum to discuss accomplishments and lessons learned.
  • Knowledge Management: Facilitate sharing of experiences, lessons learned and resources.
  • Promising Practices: Identify, develop, promote and advise the best available approaches for the development, implementation, and evaluation of digital health projects and practices; create and share tools and resources that enable adoption of promising practices and their adaptation to local circumstances.
  • Collaboration: Identify and facilitate opportunities for joint activities and partnerships among members locally, regionally and globally, across sectors.
  • Capacity Strengthening: Enhance skills and organizational capacities in digital health at all levels.
  • Advocacy: Engage decision makers and stakeholders working in international health and development at all levels to mobilize planning and resources for digital health.
  • Leadership: Leverage member strengths and support their ability to organize digital health efforts, including participation and leadership in member network activities.

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