SLIDES AND RECORDING: October 2020 Monthly Meeting

On October 28th, the Global Digital Health Network convened virtually for the Network’s monthly meeting hosted by DAI. The discussion focused on Cybersecurity for Development (Cyber4Dev).

Recent cybersecurity incidents targeting Ukraine, Nigeria, WHO, and other LMICs point to the immediate need to address the issue, particularly as the rollout of 5G and IoT approaches and the remote workforces grow under Covid-19 restrictions.

Such incidents sow seeds of distrust in the digitally enabled tools and services on which so many rely. But trust underpins digital adoption and nowhere is this more pertinent than in the digital health space. Therefore, a decline in trust poses a stark challenge to national governments, international donors, and private companies seeking to promote digital health solutions.

During this presentation, DAI and Project Balance discussed why cybersecurity for healthcare professionals is critical to the global digital health agenda by describing ongoing initiatives and sharing examples of cases where projects have implemented cybersecurity measures to protect health data.

Participants gained a deeper understanding of dealing with privacy online, maintaining trust in digital health solutions, and a broader awareness of cyber hygiene practices.

Our speakers included:

Find the meeting recording here: