Slides and Recording: February 2021 Monthly Meeting

On February 4th, the Global Digital Health Network convened virtually for the Network’s monthly meeting hosted by Pathfinder International. The discussion focused on Preparing for the next pandemic: Leveraging digital technologies for service delivery.

In this presentation, representatives from Pathfinder International’s India and Mozambique offices described how they made changes to project implementation to maintain impact, even in the midst of a pandemic. Lopamudra Paul and Akshay Gupta detailed how they worked with partner organizations to shift from in-person community meetings and group sessions to digital participation, even before the project began implementation. Norberto Banze shared how his team adapted the mCenas mobile platform to spread awareness of COVID-19 risks and symptoms. The webinar was moderated by Amy Ratcliffe, Executive MEL Director, and Blake Erhardt-Ohren, MEL Technical Advisor, of Pathfinder International.


  • Amy Ratcliffe: Amy Ratcliffe is the Executive Director of the MEL Business Unit at Pathfinder International.
  • Norberto Banze is a MEL Program Officer in Pathfinder’s Mozambique office who spends most of his time working with project teams to develop and maintain digital applications to collect, manage, and analyze data.
  • Lopamudra Paul is the MEL Director of the YUVAA Project in India, where she provides expertise to the Gates-funded project that seeks to improve access to contraception and shift gender and social norms of young couples.
  • Akshay Gupta is the MEL & MIS Program Officer of the YUVAA Project and assists with, among other things, coordinating work between Pathfinder and multiple partner organizations for harmonious data collection, management, and analysis.
  • Blake Erhardt-Ohren: Blake Erhardt-Ohren is a MEL Technical Advisor for Program & Data Analytics at Pathfinder International.