Topic: Governance of Health Data

When: August 25 at 08:00 AM ET



The Lancet and Financial Times Commission on governing health futures 2030 report emphasise the need to build a governance architecture that creates trust in digital health by enfranchising patients and vulnerable groups, ensuring the health and digital rights, and regulating powerful players in the digital health ecosystem. When it comes to health and the health programs many of us support, good health data governance. It is an essential part of ensuring equitable implementation of programs and provision of health benefits.

The presenters will share the recently launched Health Data Governance Principles as they provide key considerations that governments and health practitioners can incorporate into policies and programmes to strengthen the governance of health data. The presenters will also share examples from Kenya and DRC on how they are improving health data governance.

This webinar will highlight:

  • the need to improve health data governance,
  • the health data governance principles and how they complement other existing principles to strengthen the health data governance ecosystem,
  • country perspectives on improving health data governance.


· Teddy Berihun, Director of Information Systems, Palladium Group

·  Q&A/feedback session HDC secretariat, WHO


· Vidya Mahadevan, Co-chair of the Health Data Collaboratives Digital and Data Governance Working Group

· Trad Hatton, MA/MHS, DRC Country Director and Director of Central Africa Regional Hub, PATH

· Teddy Berihun, Director of Information Systems, Palladium Group

· Dr Joseph Sitienei, Head of Health Sector Monitoring, Ministry of Health, Kenya

· Steven Wanyee, Director, Intellisoft

· Pascal Mwele, Project Director, Kenya HMIS III, Palladium Kenya