Share your Digital Health Transformation Story

As a member of the Global Digital Health Network, we would like to give you the opportunity to share your digital health transformation story on our website through a guest blog. We’ll work with you to adapt it to our readership.

Guest Blog Guidelines

  • Authenticity: Establish yourself as an authority in your field and give readers a reason to seek you out.
  • Broader Perspective: Provide actionable, high-quality information that addresses broader digital health challenges in society
  • Action-oriented: Give readers something tangible
  • User-centered: Include the voice of users and communities through comments or case studies

Questions to Guide the writing process

  • Challenge: What challenge did you address? What caused it? Where was this challenge experienced (geographically)?
  • Solution: How did you solve the challenge (technical and descriptive)? What resources did you use? What digital tools did you use?
  • Scale: Was this a pilot? If so what was the size of the deployment sites vis a vis the population? 
  • Development/adaptation of tools: What was the process of development/adaptation of these tools? What were the cost implications? Where the tools open source or proprietary and if proprietary, what is the envisaged sustainability structure?
  • Outcome: What impact did your solution create in the community? 
  • Lessons: What did you learn as a result of implementing the solution? What would you maintain or change if you were to implement the solution again? (what worked and what was not successful?)

The Format

  • Break your post into sections 
  • Keep your post under 1,000 words
  • Use links to direct readers to more information

Submission and Publication Timeline

There is no deadline for submitting a blog. Submit your blog when you are ready. Blogs will be published on a rolling basis. Please allow two to four weeks for the blog to be published.

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