October Monthly Meeting: Using AI, CyberSecurity, and Privacy To Defend HealthCare

Topic: AI and CyberSecurity in HealthCare

Date: October 25, 2021 @ 10:00am EST

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Description: At the upcoming GDHN Forum 2021, there is a focus on investing in people who defend our health. The healthcare worker shortage has been exacerbated under the strain of COVID-19. AI and Cybersecurity tools play an important role in protecting, securing data, and protecting health privacy information. This webinar will look at AI, Cybersecurity, Privacy digital solutions for training, supporting, and educating our healthcare workforce and digital health practitioners.

Recent cybersecurity and ransomware incidents targeting healthcare systems in the US, Ukraine, WHO, and other LMICs point to the immediate need to address the issue, particularly as organizations continue to work remotely during the pandemic. Learn from our speakers on how to use AI and CyberSecurity to protect the HealthCare system while being mindful of the data ethics involved in data collection, analysis, use, retainment, and sharing patient information as it relates to digital health.  

During this webinar, the expert panelist will discuss why cybersecurity and AI for healthcare professionals are critical to the global digital health agenda by describing ongoing initiatives as well the importance of ethics involved in Cyber and Data use.  We will explore the topic of Cybersecurity, AI, and ethics in digital health for non-technical audiences.

Moderator: Bobby Jefferson, VP, CTO, DAI Global Health


  • Miriam Stankovich, PhD, LLM Senior Digital Policy Specialist, DAI
  • Mandeep Gosal, Director of Professional Services ITC Secure,¬†CyberAlliance to Defend our HealthCare
  • Clayton Sims, CTO, Dimagi