Electronic Medical Records

This session will highlight lessons from the development, implementation, and transition of electronic medical records in developing countries. Participants will hear about the benefits of an interoperable EMR: there is a unified data format, providers are able to backup data, and that same data can be used to generate reports via DHIS2 from both the cloud servers and hardware EMR system.

Designing Digital Learning for a Continuum of Learning

The session will provide an illustrative example how digital learning tools, such as eLearning, SMS and digital libraries, can be incorporated in the continuum of learning from pre-service education, transitioning into continuous professional development. The tools, being just tools, require content that it is conducive for learning. For example, eLearning courses are implemented in pre-service schools in Ghana.

Delivering beautiful and healthy babies, with a little help from digital health

In this session, members of Dimagi, FHI360, and D-tree International discussed their experiences building digital tools for one of the most high-risk and stressful places in the world: the delivery room. Panelists presented their results from implementing digital labor management tools in several hospitals in Tanzania and Malawi, and shared areas of promise and unique challenges they’ve encountered in building digital health technology for labor and delivery.

Speakers included:

Learning as we go: Adaptive Management for Digital Health

Data collected during digital health project implementation can be impactful not just externally, but also internally, where they can also be used to improve the implementation itself. GirlEffect’s SRHR chatbot provided key insights into how to measure digital interventions and how to balance measurement with the core objectives of a digital intervention. The ACCELERATE project’s Think | BIG (Behavioral Integration Guidance) process is an evidence-driven, systems approach to integrating behavior change into global health portfolios, allowing for mid-course corrections.

Strategic Approaches for Planning National mHealth/HIS Investments

Digital innovations have helped drive progress toward better health outcomes. However, a major obstacle remains: decision-makers at all levels of a health system still may not have the health information they need when they need it, preventing them from optimally using data to take the actions their health systems require. Through the Data Use Partnership (DUP), the Government of Tanzania and PATH, as well as the Government of Malawi and Cooper/Smith identified two sets of approaches and tools to assist with prioritizing digital health and mHealth investments.

Fireside Chat: Country Experiences with Strategy and Governance

Tremendous progress is being made by several countries to develop their digital health strategy, policy and roadmap. Governments have mapped the landscape of mHealth projects, developed frameworks for policy development, developed an eHealth architecture, and are linking this work to improvements in key areas of the health system.

Safer Deliveries project in Tanzania

Steve Ollis, Chief Operating Officer at D-Tree International, gave this presentation at the April 15, 2014 meeting of the mHealth Working Group. This presentation covers the results from the Safer Deliveries project in Tanzania. In the first phase of the project, 2010 – 2012, D-tree used an open source mobile health (mHealth) application to reduce the informational, logistical, and financial barriers to in-facility births and post-partum care. Steve's presentation includes project achievements, lessons learned, and scale-up.

Tanzania mHealth Initiatives - Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

Roland Van de Ven MD, Technical Director, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) oversees the technical focus of the EGPAF program in Tanzania including the mHealth projects.  This is his presentation from August 15, 2013 for the mHealth Working Group held at EGPAF.

emHELP and supporting EGPAF Tanzania

Peter Benjamin PhD, Head of Capacity Building, mHealth Alliance (South Africa) directs the eHealth & mHealth Expert Learning Network (emHELP). He presented these slides on emHELP and supporting EGPAF Tanzania at the August 15, 2013 meeting of the mHealth Working Group, hosted by EGPAF.