Data Systems

Precision Public Health: transformative approaches to target and measure interventions to efficiently make impact

Population numbers and disease burdens rarely are reported at lower than district level. If disease was uniform across populations, and populations were spread evenly across space, interventions would be easy to plan. But we know this is not the case; more often than not, distribution of disease is heterogeneous. Knowing where disease burden is highest is critical to target interventions and reach the most susceptible. Knowing where people are is also critical, and in many developing countries with rapidly growing populations, good population data are lacking.

Responsible Data Practice in Digital Health

Lightning Style TED Talks
New this year, seven leaders in the global digital health field will give lightning-style Ted Talks, briefly highlighting their work through dynamic, short, powerful talk on the main Forum stage This format allows seasoned practitioners to inspire and provoke. 

The Power of Point of Care: Harnessing the Full Potential of Individual Level Data

Integrating Data from Multiple Data Systems – Streamlining data use for health system decision-making