Data Security

Responsible Data Practice in Digital Health

Lightning Style TED Talks
New this year, seven leaders in the global digital health field will give lightning-style Ted Talks, briefly highlighting their work through dynamic, short, powerful talk on the main Forum stage This format allows seasoned practitioners to inspire and provoke. 

Data: Where Will We Be in 5 Years?

Just five years ago, we were trying to figure how best to collect data using mobile phones.  Now, we have best practices abound in mobile phone and tablet data collection - both online and offline. In 2012, we dreamed of having “big data”. Today, we’re now wondering what to do with it all and we are just starting to truly analyze it. We’ve come so far in just five years and many questions arise about where we will be in 5 years from now.  How can we act on data in real-time? How might data be conceptualized? Will we be making proactive data-based decisions?

Women's Views and Experiences of a Mobile Phone- based Intervention to Support Post- Abortion Contraception in Cambodia

Creating Virtual Safe Spaces: Considerations and Lessons Learned

Using digital technology to create safe spaces for target populations is a tempting and deceptively simple idea. However, these interventions often make assumptions about accessibility and cultural context, and may have unintended consequences. This panel includes three initiatives to develop safe spaces for women and adolescents, and will discuss design and security considerations, challenges, and lessons learned in implementing these projects. 

Digital Data Ethics: Harnessing without Hurting

Panel: Security and Interoperability – Are Digital Health Information Systems a Cause for Concern?
Learn about an award-winning mobile app that transforms the way clinicians collect, analyze and preserve forensic medical evidence of sexual violence by standardizing data collection; and hear the results from Measure Evaluation’s lit review in Kenya and Tanzania where questions asked if standard operating procedures can inform data security and privacy for routine health information systems strengthening and who applies these procedures at country level.