Uganda’s roadmap for integration of Digital Health systems for health information exchange

This session will discuss the roadmap to integrate Uganda’s health information systems. Uganda is using digital health to improve the timeliness and accuracy of public health reporting and to facilitate disease monitoring and surveillance. However, eHealth investments are not based on any standards and thus not properly guided. This has resulted in numerous fragmented eHealth initiatives which do not share information and are not accountable to the Ministry of Health. This calls for integration in order for the heath sector to achieve the benefits of eHealth. Uganda seeks to integrate health information systems in several phases. Foundational components (client, professionals and facility registries and a shared health record) are currently being developed in the first phase. The next phase which is designing an enterprise architecture. The third phase will be about governance frameworks which will see several guidelines and regulations come to life.

Speakers include:

  • Alfred Bagenda, Ministry of Health, Uganda
  • Catherine Kabahuma, Ministry of Health, Uganda
  • Jamiru Mpiima, Ministry of Health, Uganda
  • Nobert Mijumbi (MODERATOR), IntraHealth

Catherine Kabahuma