So many digital interventions, so little time: How to pick (and cost) digital health interventions

This session introduces a process to help ministerial health program managers, decision-makers, and digital health implementers describe their health system needs and choose digital technologies with the necessary functionality to meet those specific needs. Participants will walk step by step through the process: selecting, planning for, and costing digital health interventions that are aligned with identified needs, appropriate to specific country contexts, and integrated with existing technologies. The session will reference the Planning and Costing Guide for Digital Interventions for Health Programmes a new publication developed by PATH, the World Health Organization (WHO). It also incorporates the WHO Classification of Digital Health Interventions, WHO Digital Health Guidelines, and the Principles for Digital Development, and real-world examples from maternal and child health projects.

Speakers included:

  • Hallie Goertz, Digital Health Communications Manager, PATH
  • Garret Mehl, Scientist, WHO