Precision Public Health: transformative approaches to target and measure interventions to efficiently make impact

Population numbers and disease burdens rarely are reported at lower than district level. If disease was uniform across populations, and populations were spread evenly across space, interventions would be easy to plan. But we know this is not the case; more often than not, distribution of disease is heterogeneous. Knowing where disease burden is highest is critical to target interventions and reach the most susceptible. Knowing where people are is also critical, and in many developing countries with rapidly growing populations, good population data are lacking. These two concepts in part explain why curable illness like malnutrition, malaria, and trachoma are still responsible for significant disease burden. Game-changing approaches that are pushing the frontier of “precision public health” will be shared including geo-surveillance methods for effective and equitable service delivery where success is measured by disease impact and previously overlooked communities gain health access.

Speakers included:

  • Matt Berg (MODERATOR) (CEO, Ona)
  • Alain Labrique ((Director, Global mHealth Initiative, JHU)
  • Guy Vernet (CEO, Mérieux Foundation)
  • Ben Winters (Regional Director, Africa, Akros)
  • Patrick Briand (Co-founder, NovelT)

Presentation below: "Improving Precision and Coverage": Ben Winters