Playing Games to Save Lives – Bringing Serious Gaming to Behavior Change

The ACCELERATE project’s Think | BIG (Behavioral Integration Guidance) process is an evidence-driven systems approach to behavior change. The process demonstrates the need to have all elements in place at the same time for the same audience for behaviors to change. While seemingly a simple concept, it has proved difficult to convey. ACCELERATE developed a point and click game to overcome this difficulty, building in serious gaming principles with the fundamentals of behavior change, encouraging user to both have fun and learn at the same time. This session will be designed to play and learn about behavior change and to discuss field reactions to the game.

Speakers included:

  • Susan Howard, co-Founder/Managing Director, Howard Delafield International
  • Rebecca Oser, Strategic Partnerships and Outreach, Manoff Group
  • Orin Adcox, Chief Creative Officer, FlyGuy Interactive
  • Margie Joyce, Learning and Design Strategist, Sonjara