National scale-up of a digital community health system in Zanzibar: Perspectives from government, implementing partners and donors

Investment in digital community health programs has gained significant attention in recent years, yet there are few examples of adoption of such platforms at national scale. The Zanzibar government has committed to scaling up a national digital community health platform to improve healthcare delivery and leverage data for decision-making. The national program will build on a digital system which has been implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in partnership with D-tree International since 2011 and has grown into a comprehensive system supporting all community-level service delivery areas. This commitment to national scale is the result of leadership from within the MOH and strong partnerships among NGOs and donors. In this presentation, panelists from the Zanzibar MOH, D-tree and Fondation Botnar discussed the programmatic considerations and the partnership-building necessary to achieve the vision of the MOH adopting a digital community health platform at national scale.

Speakers included:

  • Marc Mitchell (MODERATOR) (President, D-tree International)
  • Erica Layer (CEO, D-Tree International)
  • Omar Abdalla (Technical Advisor, D-tree International)
  • Marc Abbyad  (Director of Engineering, Medic Mobile)
  • Mason Huffine (Africa Business and Sales Manager, Little Sun)