May 2019 Monthly Network meeting--HIS Stregnthening


Strong health information systems (HIS) result in the use of high quality data for strengthened health systems and health outcomes. Digital health provides unique opportunities through the application of technology to HIS. MEASURE Evaluation works to strengthen HIS, including through digital health, in more than 20 countries. This has provided a unique opportunity to document successes and lessons learned in how HIS strengthening is achieved at a country level.  MEASURE Evaluation’s learning agenda for HIS Strengthening has been guided by the following questions:

  1. What are the factors and conditions of HIS performance progress?
  2. What are the stages of progression to a strong HIS and how are the measured?
  3. What the characteristics of a strong HIS?

The answers to these questions, as well as HIS country profiles, examples of HIS interventions at country level, and a searchable database of HIS assessment tools are available on the HIS Strengthening Resource Center – a hub for HIS strengthening resources. MEASURE Evaluation also supports the Improving HIS LinkedIn Group, open to the public for discussion and resource sharing.  In addition to presenting on the HI Strengthening REsrouce Center, this month's prewsentation also foucsed on the  HIS Strengthening Model and the HIS Stages of Continuous Improvement Toolkit. 


The meeting recording and slides are available here: