Making the most out of all that data: Leveraging small & big data to improve health outcomes

The digital health ecosystem is increasingly interrelated. Countries are confronted with an abundance of data. Adding big data sources like population and geographic data creates an unprecedented amount of data available... but is it being used to it's potential? There is an opportunity to make smarter use of existing data to minimize data collection, gain a comprehensive, real-time understanding of what is happening now, and predict what to expect next. However, much of it remains untapped and unused. This panel will focus on innovative ways to analyze existing data from multiple sources to provide new insights and support decision-making, grounded in case studies and field experience. It will present practical tools and techniques to optimize how we use routine, program, and private sector data, as well as opportunities to use machine learning. It will also explore data governance challenges-including negotiating data sharing agreements and addressing data reliability.


Speakers include:

  • Gabriel Krieshok, Abt Associates
  • Gina Assaf, Souktel
  • Jacques de Vos, Mezzanine
  • Vidya Mahadevan, Bluesquare
  • Asif Akram (MODERATOR), Living Goods

Vidya Mahadevan