Lightning Talks

These 5-minute lightning presentations covered evidence for digital health, data use, and market approaches to digital health. Presentations 1-4 are available in the PDF below.

  1. What's wrong with the evidence for m-Health? - Annette Brown (FHI)
  2. Digital Health Data is not enough--it must trigger action! - Chris Macek (System One)
  3. Data at Scale - Neal Lesh (Dimagi)
  4. Rethinking the “Gift” Economy: Misguided techno-altruism is threatening to undermine the fragile progress of the mHealth market, and we need a better defense - Clayton Sims (Dimagi)
  5. Entrepreneurial approaches to digital health: Can companies serve the underserved in low and middle-income countries and still make money? - Pam Bolton (Tech Care for all) 
  6. The power of individual-level data to vaccinate every child - Jessica Shearer (PATH)