July 24, 2019 Monthly Meeting: Digital Health for Disease Surveillance

Digital Health Solutions for Disease Surveillance 

Ebola epidemics in West and Central Africa have focused the world's attention on the economic and social costs of epidemic diseases and their threat for global health security. Real time and accurate data coupled with appropriate digital tools play a critical role in disease surveillance, preparedness and response. This month's GDHN meeting will describe key digital health disease surveillance use cases and provide an opportunity to hear lessons learned from specific systems implemented in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.


  • Randy Wilson, Sr Principal Technical Advisor, Management Sciences for Health - sharing MSH's experience in Rwanda building new eIDSR features into a DHIS2 platform and on community events-based surveillance
  • Ousmane Ly, Digital Health Advisor, PATH-DRC - sharing work on the DRC Mobile Emergency Operations Center for Ebola response
  • Juliane Dörrbecker, Epidemiology Dept., Helmoltz Centre for Infection Research - discussing implementation of the Surveillance, Outbreak Response Management and Analysis System (SORMAS) in Nigeria

Slides are attached and webinar recording is here