July 20th Global Digital Health Network Monthly meeting: Machine Learning in International Health

What does it mean to use machine learning in the context of international health? There is a lot of discussion around the vast potential that AI, Natural Language Processing, and Big Data can bring to industries around the world.  But how can we use these tools in low and middle income countries where resources are limited, connectivity is challenging, and reliable data is sparse?

 While there are unique challenges in applying these technology advancements to global digital health, there are also immense opportunities. Join us for some lively talk and hands-on demonstrations of machine learning in action: from the simple (use of Google sheets and Twitter) to  the sophisticated (Python algorithms for NLP).  

 Speakers included:

  • Gabriel Krieshok and Alison Thaung from Abt Associates Inc.

  • Simon de Haan from Praekelt South Africa

  • Leslie Heyer from Cycle Technologies

Recording of the event available as a streaming link and download.