How to Increase Use of Digital Health Tools Using UX and Behaviour Change Principles

How many times a week do you see an article or online course and think: ‘I should look at this - it will help me do a better job’? And how often do you follow through? We expect healthcare providers to thoroughly and consistently engage with the digital resources we produce in order to support them, but we all recognise how hard it can be to do. In this interactive workshop, participants will reflect on the barriers to uptake of digital resources for healthcare providers, using the example of ‘Tro Tro Ga Ho!’ (‘The time for change has come!’), a feature phone friendly mobile site designed as a central resource for diverse service providers tackling Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the Mono-Kouffo region of Benin. Drawing on key principles of User Experience design, behaviour change theory and knowledge management, participants will brainstorm and discuss the ways in which product design, marketing and content could be adapted to increase meaningful use of digital health resources.

Speakers include:

  • Isabelle Amazon-Brown, Solutions Design Consultant, OneWorld
  • Harriet Marilyn Mensah-Ahokpossi, Program Manager, OneWorld