February 28th GDHN Monthly Meeting: Human versus AI: Pros and Cons of different strategies for providing health information and counseling

The February meeting of the Global Digital Health Network was hosted by FHI 360 and explored how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are being incorporated into client-facing digital health applications.  We had three presentations—from Jacaranda Health, FHI 360 and Viamo—that illustrated a continuum of possible uses of AI and ML in place of and in addition to humans to provide individuals with important health information, counseling and support. This link provides a PDF of all presentations.



  • Sathy Rajasekharan, Chief Innovation Officer, Jacaranda Health (LinkedIn
  • Rachel Jones, Program Manager (LinkedIn
  • Kate Plourde, Technical Advisor, FHI 360 (LinkedIn)
  • Melissa Persaud, Director of Partnerships (Linkedin)