Facilitating collaboration to accelerate scale and improve digital health global goods

Digital Square, an innovative co-investment global program led by PATH aims to serve as a convener in the digital health community, bringing together practitioners to share their work, lessons learned, and future needs. This helps organizations to work together to implement digital health tools that are adaptable to different countries and contexts, also known as Global Goods. To foster transparency, collaboration and synergy, Digital Square uses an open application platform including community feedback to align investments in digital health systems. The open application process provides a unique opportunity for practitioners to learn key details about, and comment on, each other’s tools and implementation plans. This session will describe the innovative open application process and feature global goods awarded through Digital Square including the OpenLMIS, Community of Practice, OpenCRVS, OpenSRP, and Bahmni.

Speakers included:

  • MODERATOR: Jake Watson (Sr Director, Platforms and Services, DIAL)
  • Christopher Seebregts (CEO, Jembi Health Systems)
  • Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Manager, Information Systems, VillageReach)
  • Matt Berg (CEO, Ona), Steven Wanyee (Intellisoft)
  • Amanda BenDor (Technical Program Manager, PATH)