Electronic Medical Records

This session will highlight lessons from the development, implementation, and transition of electronic medical records in developing countries. Participants will hear about the benefits of an interoperable EMR: there is a unified data format, providers are able to backup data, and that same data can be used to generate reports via DHIS2 from both the cloud servers and hardware EMR system. Participants will also take away the advantages and limitations of transitioning to an OpenMRS and OpenHIE platform. as well as the challenges and solutions of converting and migrating legacy data to a new system.


Speakers include:

  • Sultana Seiff, Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Tanzania
  • Nathaelf Hyppolite, Centre Haitian pour la Reinforcement de la System de Sante (CHARESS)
  • Mary Rocheleau, VecnaCares
  • Bobby Jefferson (MODERATOR), DAI