Dimagi: Business Development for ICT4D

Dimagi's Open Source Business Development Toolkit for Social Enterprises

Social enterprises often rely on competitive or direct grants to scale out the important work they do. However, the dependency on grants often leads organizations to go through periods where developing a business development pipeline from scratch becomes difficult to balance against other financial priorities. Often, organizations must balance multitudes of opportunities at the same time, with the understanding that only some will be awarded, and not understanding how this impacts finances. Dimagi, a social enterprise, has over the years developed internal systems that allow for the organization to better manage the opportunity pipeline, and derive actionable insights into the financial position of the organization, which further inform decisions about hiring, investments, and funding requirements for day to day operations. In 2016, Dimagi open sourced a version of their systems in the Business Development ToolKit with the intent of sharing our insights with other like-minded organizations. Dimagi will explain how the toolkit works, going over key issues such as “Expected Value”, probability assessments vis-a-vis government funding stages, projecting future income, and how opportunity management complexity grows with the scale of the organization and how Dimagi has addressed this. 

Presented by:

Anthony Connor
Director of Partnerships
Jason Kass
Senior Director of Finance