August 30 2018 Global Digital Health Network Monthly Meeting

Digital health at scale: Key considerations for developing markets - Spotlighting the work of Mezzanine/Vodacom in Africa and Carlos Slim Foundation in Mexico

While digital health is still in its infancy, it is evident that greater use of technology solutions can help address key healthcare issues: expanding healthcare coverage (access), enhancing services (quality) and optimising resources (cost). Although there is a growing number of digital health services, many pilots are not followed by full-scale implementation due to a lack of sustainable financing, continued fragmentation and narrow focus of the solutions deployed and long time-to-market for commercial solutions.

The GSMA presented highlights from their Scaling digital health in developing markets report, as well as examples of best practice in Africa and Mexico. The GSMA, together with Mezzanine and Carlos Slim Foundation shared challenges and lessons learned around:

1) Securing stable investment for delivering digital health solutions at scale

2) Ecosystem collaboration to address current fragmentation and create a holistic digital health model

3) Industry collaboration to address current interoperability issues and drive healthcare data integration

Speakers included:

  • Rodrigo Saucedo Martínez, Fundacion Carlos Slim
  • Jacques de Vos, Mezzanine
  • Mojca Cargo, GSMA
  • Kim Vlijoen, GSMA

A recording of the presentation is available here