April 16, 2019 GDHN Monthly Meeting presentations

IntraHealth International hosted the April 2019 monthly meeting of the GDHN, focused on two tools for evaluating digital health interventions.  

Evaluating Using Digital Principles

The Principles of Digital Development are nine living guidelines intended to help practitioners succeed in applying digital technologies to development programs. Yet how to apply these high-level ideas to actual digital health projects?

Recently, IntraHealth International partnered with NPOKI to create the first independent assessment of a major ICT4D initiative using the Digital Principles. Wayan Vota from IntraHealth, walked us through how iHRIS, IntraHealth’s flagship health workforce information software was evaluated, the results they found, and how IntraHealth will use the results to inform future iHRIS development.

Evaluating Using DHIRT

The Digital Health Investment Review Tool provides high-level guidance on how to apply the Digital Principles and the Principles of Donor Alignment for Digital Health into a set of scoring criteria for strategic investments in global digital health.

Merrick Schaefer from USAID showed us how DHIRT is useful for development practitioners and technologists, including how:

  • Donors can use DHIRT when creating requests for solicitations, defining contract language, and evaluating proposals for grant funding and software procurement.
  • Implementers can use DHIRT to respond to RFPs, design their activities, and implement their technology solution with digital health best practices.