Global Digital Health Forum Presentations

It Takes a Village: Midwives Use WhatsApp for Peer Support

Leveraging Social Media Tools for Public Health Impact: What’sApp Use Cases

Developing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in a Refugee Camp

Interoperability in the Health Information System: Managing Data Using Enterprise-Level Architecture

Dimagi: Business Development for ICT4D

Dimagi's Open Source Business Development Toolkit for Social Enterprises

MomConnect Seminar

Digital Health in South Africa: Experiences Establishing, Implementing, and Evaluating MomConnect and Other Digital Health Initiatives in South Africa

Strengthening National HMIS to Streamline Data Use

Integrating Data from Multiple Data Systems: Streamlining Data Use for Health System Decision-Making

Responsible Data Practice in Digital Health

Lightning Style TED Talks
New this year, seven leaders in the global digital health field will give lightning-style Ted Talks, briefly highlighting their work through dynamic, short, powerful talk on the main Forum stage This format allows seasoned practitioners to inspire and provoke.